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1923 Ford T-bucket - clmegramps


1923 Ford T Bucket Feisty Looking Good
Owner:   clmegramps
Year: 1923
Make: Ford
Model: T-bucket
Est.Horsepower: 300
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About my T-bucket

I hand built this car in 1972 and took it to the 1972 street rod nationals in Detroit.  I used a 283 chevy engine bored 60 over with 327 pistons and a stock 4 barrel carter carb.  Next was a muncie 3 speed and a 1964 corvette rear end. For three days of intermittent rain and a charging system that had problems,I experienced my first street rod nationals and had the pleasure of placing 4th in the gymcana event.  Since then many changes have been made to the car such as 4 wheel brakes with stainless lines, a real electrical system, molded rear bed with a custom hard cover and custom interior.  I still run the same engine that my girlfriend, now my wife helped me build.

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1923 Ford T-bucket
1923 Ford T-bucket
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