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1935 Auburn Speedster - DWCustom


1935 Auburn Speedster 1
Owner:   DWCustom
Year: 1935
Make: Auburn
Model: Speedster
Est.Horsepower: 330
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About my Speedster

I built this custom around 2004(I think). It was featured in Kit Car magazine the next year. I powered it with a 350 Chevy engine, 200 R-4 trans, and Ford 9" 411 posi rear. Wheels are Halibrand 15" and 17" with BFG rubber. Chasis is 2"x3" tubing with a 1969 Ford front clip and suspension is air ride. Top is chopped 3", and I made a Carson style removable top. Hood is made from 063" aluminum, and all trim and emblems are hand made. Build took 1-1/2 years. I made everything from the grill to the molded in taillights, including the hood, hidden door hinges, molded in headlights, dash, seat, steering column, trim, and retractable license plate.

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