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1953 Ford Mainline - jerry7

1953 Ford Mainline 1
Owner:   jerry7
Year: 1953
Make: Ford
Model: Mainline
Est.Horsepower: 190
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About my Mainline

I have restored this 1953 Ford almost back to orginal.The car has been lowered three inchs.I rebuilt the 219 six cyclinder with some upgrades.The car was from Arizona so the body was in good shape but the car was blue now it's black with gray interior. My last car I built was a 1929 model A todor with a small block 400 chevy with two 600 holleys on top a tunnal ram so I think I need to drop a nice V8 flathead in this one give me that sound and a little more hp. Your magazine is the best.   Jerry Santangelo Ontario New York

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