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1968 Lincoln Continental - listpaydaypro


1968 Lincoln Continental In For Drive Train Surgury
Owner:   listpaydaypro
Year: 1968
Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental
Est.Horsepower: 400
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About my Continental

I found this car on Ebay in late 2013. A total impulse buy on my behalf as I knew little to nothing about restoring classic cars.

I come from the Corvette world (own a supercharged c6), and prior to that the tuner scene (dodge stealth Twin Turbo)  and I had never seen anything quite like the pictures I saw on the ebay auction featuring this gorgeous green 68 linc.

So, I knew I had to have it.

about 2 weeks later the car was delivered to my door step being carried by a dodge durango on a trailer... it was really funny to see this monster 18.5ft long land yacht towed by a vehicle that weighs about 1000lbs less than the car it was towing... never the less

we got to work, unloading the car, which started right up, but blew a TON of smoke...

there was a LOT of different colors of green on this car, the vinyl roof was peeling, and there were two pretty decent rust holes in the car, along with a big old crease in the passenger door going to the rear quarter... so I knew that had to be addressed.

upon bringing the car to my body guy, we uncovered a few old problems that were just begging to be fixxed, and they were, after a 5 month process, plenty of material, sweat and elbow grease, the final product looks amazing.

gone is the peeling vinyl roof, gone are all the rust holes, fixed properly mind you,  not bondoed over, and what came out was a very straight, very shiny, green bodied, black roofed beast of a car from the late 60's.

now, this is not your typical camaro, or firebird, or impala etc. this car is a UNIBODY, meaning there are no fenders, there are no quarter panels that can be removed, its all ONE HUGE piece of steel and its chrome trim is really tasteful.

one of the major challenges you face when restoring one of these old boats, is finding parts for the interior. and exterior, and engine... just about NOTHING exists for these vehicles.

with a little creativitiy, and a LOT of money out of pocket for finding the parts that do exist, we have made great progress in getting her near completion.

1. body is finished
2. the motor is currently a ford 460 bored .30 over bringing total displacement to 466 cubes.
3. added an edelbrock RPM cam
4. added an edelbrock intake manifold
5. added a set of roller rockers, with hardened push rods
6. the old 2.72 gear was replaced in favor of a more aggressive 3.70 gear with a posi unit
7. a custom stereo was installed, hidden in the glovebox
8. two 5.25" speakers custom installed into the door panels
9. 12" single sub powered by a nice 600w alpine amp goes in the trunk...
10. Transmission rebuilt with a shift kit, and new tq converter
11. Complete 4 link air ride system awaits installation when drive train is done.

I'm really proud of this car, and I hope you enjoy lookin at it, as much as I've enjoyed restoring it.

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